What is the Purpose of Emergency & Exit Lighting?

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Although emergency and exit lighting do not put off fire, they are as important as other fire protection equipment. Most emergencies such as fire often, if not always, cause power outages. This makes it harder to escape the building.

This is where emergency luminaires and exit signs come into play. Their primary purpose is to illuminate escape routes and other safety equipment to ensure the building occupants’ safety.

Evacuation lighting for buildings is wired to the main power supply for continuous charging of internal batteries which provide backup power. This makes sure that lights are illuminated during a power outage providing the building occupants to safely and easily locate the exits.

Australian Standard AS 2293 sets out the requirements for the design, installation, operation, and testing of emergency lighting to ensure building safety in Australia. Furthermore, emergency and exit lighting must continue to provide lighting to the occupants during an emergency power outage for at least 90min.

The complexity of the emergency escape lighting is determined by the size and type of establishment. In large and complex premises, a comprehensive system of fixed automatic evacuation lighting should be installed. 

An emergency escape lighting system normally includes the following:

• Each exit door;

• Escape routes;

• Intersections of corridors;

• Outside each final exit and on external escape routes;

• Emergency escape signs;

• Stairways so that each flight receives adequate light;

• Changes in floor level;

• Windowless rooms and toilet accommodation exceeding 8m2;

• Firefighting equipment;

• Fire alarm call points;

• Equipment that would need to be shut down in an emergency;

• Lifts; and

• Areas in premises greater than 60m2.

Furthermore, emergency and exit lighting must be regularly maintained and inspected by a qualified person to ensure that they meet the minimum requirements and operate accordingly.

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